indian spiced for VKL

This is a simple side dish to throw together and pop in the oven in 5 minutes or less. My little guy LOVED it. He kept coming back for more. In fact, he kept walking over for more, which is a really big deal, considering his preferred way of travel is by knee scooting only. True story. [click to continue…]

VKL casserole pic

First I want to say….this casserole is ridiculously delicious. It is also 100% baby approved. So far, so good, right? Well…it’s also a pain in the tookus to make. It’s not hard; you’re just going to make a huge mess. Totally worth it, though, in my opinion.

It’s enchiladas without the fuss of frying and rolling them individually. What’s not to love here? Each layer is bursting with yummy, Mexican flavor. Ooooh. It’s so good. The enchilada sauce is super fragrant with Mexican oregano, cumin and coriander seeds. The filling is a hearty, mushroom and potato mixture with lots of onion-ey goodness. (onion-ey is not a word; I know).  [click to continue…]


Simple Broccoli Rabe

broccoli rabe for vegan kids life

This is the first post on the new site! I’m so excited!  I decided to go really simple to test the waters. Here’s my yummy broccoli rabe recipe. It tastes pretty close to what my Nonna used to make for me growing up.

This stuff is definitely an acquired taste. I’ve been eating it since I was a little kid, so I’m all for it. It can be quite bitter if you just throw it in a pan and cook it. You really have to blanch it first in salted water to cut that bitterness….that’s the trick. For a long time I couldn’t figure out what the hell I was doing wrong and that was it…. [click to continue…]

trader joe's turkey-less roast

In honor of Thanksgiving, I went out and bought myself a Trader Joe’s Turkey-less Stuffed Roast. It wasn’t planned or anything. I was just strolling through and lo and behold there were samples….vegan samples! Never happens. I’ll admit….I got caught up Sad, I know. It’s the little things that I live for.

Anyway, I thought maybe I could get the kid to eat this thing.

It was simple enough to prepare. The directions called for a roasting pan….with a rack. Hmm. As a vegan, this is not something that I own. I got a little creative and used a cookie sheet with what I’m pretty sure is a cookie type rack. I have no idea, but it worked fine. We’re not dealing with real meat here, so don’t expect a big mess with drippings or anything. This was a pretty clean process. I left it in the oven for the suggested amount of time on the box, let it rest and it was perfectly done and crisp on the outside. [click to continue…]

tempeh piccata

Was tempeh piccata a hit with my 14 month old?….no. But, I liked it! That counts for something, right? I was confident he’d like this one too, since he’s such a maniac for pickles. I thought the combination of the lemon and caper sauce would get him for sure. I was wrong. I think the real fail here was the tempeh. He did not go for the texture at all. Spit it right out. Pure comedy. Oh, that face!

I will try this again, but maybe with seitan or tofu. I may even try it with cauliflower or another veggie that he really enjoys. In the meantime….more for me! [click to continue…]


Quick Breakfast Tofu Scramble

breakfast tofu scramble

I was making this breakfast tofu scramble for myself…but in the middle of making it, I decided the little man should be eating it too. I think it turned out pretty well….here’s what I threw in there: [click to continue…]

vegan mac and cheese

Is it good? Yeah, it’s good….best ever? Probably not, but it’s darn tasty. Here are my two cents on vegan mac and cheese….it’s not going to be what you remember growing up, if you’ve ever had the real thing. It’s just not. Vegan cheeses are getting better, no doubt, but I haven’t found a mac and cheese recipe that reminds me of that orange stuff you’d get from the familiar cardboard box or that glorious goo you were served in the school cafeteria….but, I digress.

Ok, so Chloe’s recipe is definitely yummy, but if you’re going to serve it to non-vegan guests, just don’t call it mac and cheese. Call it a baked pasta and you’ll be good to go. It’s definitely delicious. [click to continue…]


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