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Hello! Here’s a little bit about me, in case you’re wondering: I’m a single mom to one human toddler boy, a boxer girl named Molly and a cat we call Simon. (We also recently adopted an orange kitty named Chester!) I did some time in the corporate world, but about 8 years into that I decided it wasn’t for me, so I left to become my own boss and work with my favorite kinds of creatures….the furry ones.

I owned and operated an amazing dog walking and pet sitting company for 8 years and recently made the decision to sell it. It wasn’t the easiest decision for me to make, but I felt like it was the right thing to do, given my brand new mom circumstances. I’m in school for nursing now and it all seems like a pretty good fit to me.

Back to the kid stuff…I found out I was pregnant in January 2014 and boy, did that throw me for a loop! Me? A mom? Crazy! I was stoked, no doubt, but my experience was in raising furry children, not the human kind. Plus, I’m vegan…so there’s that. Everyone has an opinion about that. Turns out being vegan and pregnant….not such a big deal. Seriously. It’s not. I ate well and I took my vitamins….9 months later….a healthy baby! Woot! How about that?

So, he’s out….now what? Exactly. I had all this time to prepare, but it’s a whole different ballgame now that he’s here. What do I feed him? Well, I started out pretty simple….pureed veggies, then, when he started to chew stuff, we graduated to pastas, beans and tofu and pretty much anything veggie related.

It turns out…it’s not that terrible feeding a kid vegetables, but it certainly was daunting thinking about it all those months. And everyone was so doom and gloom about it. So…I figured, why not write about my experiences cooking for and raising this crazy kid? It might help a few mamas out there facing the same challenges. Or maybe some mamas that just want to figure out how to get their kid to eat some more veggies!

Feeding a toddler is not easy, people. It’s war.


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