VKL casserole pic

First I want to say....this casserole is ridiculously delicious. It is also 100% baby approved. So far, so good, right? Well...it's also a pain in the tookus to make. It's not hard; you're just going to make a huge mess. Totally worth it, though, in my opinion. It's enchiladas without the fuss of frying and [...]

trader joe's turkey-less roast

In honor of Thanksgiving, I went out and bought myself a Trader Joe's Turkey-less Stuffed Roast. It wasn't planned or anything. I was just strolling through and lo and behold there were samples....vegan samples! Never happens. I'll admit....I got caught up. Sad, I know. It's the little things that I live for.
Anyway, I thought maybe I could get the kid to eat this thing.

tempeh piccata

Was tempeh piccata a hit with my 14 month old?....no. But, I liked it! That counts for something, right? I was confident he'd like this one too, since he's such a maniac for pickles. I thought the combination of the lemon and caper sauce would get him for sure. I was wrong. I think the real fail here was the tempeh. He did not go for the texture at all. Spit it right out. Pure comedy. Oh, that face!

vegan mac and cheese

Is it good? Yeah, it's good....best ever? Probably not, but it's darn tasty. Here are my two cents on vegan mac and cheese....it's not going to be what you remember growing up, if you've ever had the real thing. It's just not. Vegan cheeses are getting better, no doubt, but I haven't found a mac and cheese recipe that reminds me of that orange stuff you'd get from the familiar cardboard box or that glorious goo you were served in the school cafeteria....but, I digress.

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