Tempeh Piccata from Chloe’s Kitchen

tempeh piccata

Was tempeh piccata a hit with my 14 month old?….no. But, I liked it! That counts for something, right? I was confident he’d like this one too, since he’s such a maniac for pickles. I thought the combination of the lemon and caper sauce would get him for sure. I was wrong. I think the real fail here was the tempeh. He did not go for the texture at all. Spit it right out. Pure comedy. Oh, that face!

I will try this again, but maybe with seitan or tofu. I may even try it with cauliflower or another veggie that he really enjoys. In the meantime….more for me!

This stuff doesn’t photograph well, but, boy, is it yummy! Next time, I’m going to cut back on the lemon a bit in the recipe and add more if it needs it. This would be great over mashed potatoes.My tummy is rumbling just thinking about it!

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