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vegan mac and cheese

Is it good? Yeah, it’s good….best ever? Probably not, but it’s darn tasty. Here are my two cents on vegan mac and cheese….it’s not going to be what you remember growing up, if you’ve ever had the real thing. It’s just not. Vegan cheeses are getting better, no doubt, but I haven’t found a mac and cheese recipe that reminds me of that orange stuff you’d get from the familiar cardboard box or that glorious goo you were served in the school cafeteria….but, I digress.

Ok, so Chloe’s recipe is definitely yummy, but if you’re going to serve it to non-vegan guests, just don’t call it mac and cheese. Call it a baked pasta and you’ll be good to go. It’s definitely delicious.

Little man ATE THIS STUFF UP! He ate it warm. He ate it cold. He ate if from a fork, he ate it with his fingers. He. Was. All. About. It..


I’d love to post the recipe, but I’m pretty sure I can’t….so I’m going to link to the cookbook. It’s totally worth getting. My next few posts are going to be from this book. Pretty much every recipe is a gem. Chloe Coscarelli is fantastic. That is all.

The recipe is super simple and I managed to throw this together in 20 minutes and pop it in the oven. The beauty is….no chopping. The only “weird” ingredient to non-vegans would be nutritional yeast (nooch), which, I’m sorry to say….is definitely necessary here. You gotta have the nooch, people. Just buy it. It’s good for the little ones, anyway. Lots of B12.

Anyhoo….I used cavatelli shaped pasta here instead of the elbows because it’s what I had in the house. It worked out pretty well because his little fingers grabbed them perfectly. I didn’t have seasoned breadcrumbs, so I seasoned some panko and went with that. I left the the whole casserole in the oven 10 minutes longer than the recipe called for….that made the pasta a little drier (I don’t recommend that for adults, but it’s great for little ones that are picking up the pasta with their fingers…less mess and easier for them!). I also popped the broiler on for a few minutes to get the top nice and brown.

That’s pretty much it! This kid’s been eating this stuff up all week! It’s a win for me. 🙂

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